You mean Beautylish actually carries Inglot now??? Woohoo!

inglot freedom system eyeshadow

If any of you have ever tried to use the inglotusa.com website, you know it sucks. There are no swatches, the image quality of the shadows is terrible, not to mention tiny, with misleading color, and even the act of trying to add an item to your cart feels archaic. But we love the Inglot shadows, and especially the Freedom System, so we put up with the guessing game that is buying Inglot shadows in the US.

All that has changed with Beautylish.

Ahh the clarity!


Every single color is swatched for you on light and dark skin, not to mention the high resolution pixel perfect clear image of true to shade eyeshadow square itself.

Oh the possibilities! A purple and gold quad with black?


Maybe a purple and silvery-white quad with a navy-black instead.

inglot freedom system eyeshadow

Now you can actually see what you are ordering, create wishlists, see the product, etc.

This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! (Haha, not quite, but you get the point. I’m excited about Beautylish.com + Inglot). Beautylish now has a loyal customer. Maybe I will always order from Beautylish.com, so I can throw “just a $6 shadow” in my cart. Never before has that been possible. No, Inglotcosmetics had a $50 order minimum. Who wants to buy $50 of eyeshadow all at once? Not me. Beautylish’s low free shipping requirement means you can buy exactly enough for a quad – four shadows and a magnet quad, and get free shipping. It also means you can add a single Inglot product to a cart full of, say, foundation or skincare products, and also get free shipping.

I love shopping.

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