Some Wounds Will Only be Healed In Heaven

heaven healing pain

Some wounds will only be healed in heaven.

Sometimes we think that’s not ok. That we have to have it all figured out. Especially people of faith like to say, “If you’re (fill in the blank) you should be healed in an instant. Nothing about you should be broken.” I believe the best of us will arrive in heaven with a limp, like Jacob. We’ll arrive, with our battered souls and wounded limbs, having survived. Having survived an assault on our souls that only this world and the devil can give. We’ll survive unimaginable pain and unanswered questions, and problems that just do not go away. We’ll survive the loss of love and loved ones and the criticism of all who do not understand our calling. We’ll survive a thousand loose ends and unresolved stories. We’ll survive, but with scars on our hearts. Only by accepting and embracing those wounds and scars do we heal others. Some days we’ll work more through tears than cries of victory. And you know what is most beautiful of all? Jesus kept the wounds in his hands just for us. Just to remind us that he has scars, too. This world is a brutal place, and not even He escaped without scars.

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