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Who you Really Are

You are who you are, and nothing is going to stop that. Not even running from it. We are either in our element or not, and either state will prove where we should be. Whether you push it on yourself, or whether other people push it on you, the wrong fit will not fit. And eventually you get tired of tripping over pants too long and choking because your collar is too tight.

A false sense of responsibility, misguidedness, circumstance, narrowness, fear – whatever the motive, they will not outlast who you are. Who you are will outshine your circumstances at last. Plugging on day after day in a yoke that does not fit your shoulders might build character, but it is not your purpose. And it will not outlast who you are.

Because who you are is as true and eternal a thing as the human soul itself, and both were made by God to last forever.

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