Wear Your Vitamins is now Marisa Porter

Short version: I’m changing my blog name because I feel like the name Wear Your Vitamins blocked me into writing only about skincare. Maybe that’s not true, but it’s the way I’ve been feeling. marisaporter.com, on the other hand, is more personal – whatever I want to blog about. Look forward to a lot of the same (I’m still a beauty and skincare addict), but expect posts about overall holistic health, life, relationships, everything that motivates me! I’m thinking my tagline will be Detox Your Life, as I feel that encompasses living life to the fullest. I’m still working on that though. Your loyalty has been so appreciated – I have 458 followers! Thanks for everything. You mean the world to me. I love to visit your blogs, interact, see your life on instagram, chat with you, share life with you. You rock!

BTW, http://wearyourvitamins.com will always point back to http://marisaporter.com, so either URL will work and if I want to change it back I can. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Wear Your Vitamins is now Marisa Porter”

  1. This is really nice, congrats on making the change Marisa. I thought the previous name was restrictive. My site is not a niche’ site, making it open to most anything. I will adjust my bookmarks. Be well!

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement, John! I definitely have been emotional about it for some reason! I felt like I was killing something but hopefully it will just lead to more life and connection with others. I always felt restricted by that name. Your keeping up with Marisa Porter means a lot!

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