Two Week Intermission – and Monday Morning Makeup Inspiration

nuance eyeshadows and eyeliners

Hi guys! Thanks for all your follows and comments and interaction. My business (http://marisaporter.com) is experiencing a lot of exciting stuff right now and I need to focus on it. I am going to be taking a one-two week break from blogging. See you all soon! I’ll hang around your blogs and keep in touch. 🙂 (Yes my last post was in some way connected).

I put this picture in requested by a reader. 🙂 It’s a look I did when I first started the blog with Nuance eyeshadows and eyeliners.

nuance eyeshadows

Here’s a Rachel McAdam’s hair and lip color look I’d love to mimic some day! rachel_mcadams

And here’s me the next month:


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    1. Yes this theme puts whatever images I upload while I’m working on the post into the home page preview – it’s very annoying. I have to basically delete the images or rewrite the post to get rid of them. 🙂

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