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Three Weeks of Yoga for Post-Baby Workout

I can finally fit in my skinny jeans again (just like I could for about two months after Anneka was born). I don’t know of a better thyroid-stimulating, metabolism-boosting workout than the type of Vinyasa-flow yoga I love. It includes hot yoga, power yoga, and every style in between. It’s good for all ages and body types and there are many modifications for injuries.

I don’t have a before picture that I can find, but I was bulging out of my beloved Buckle jeans 3 weeks ago. (Not comfortable¬†or confidence-building). You’d be amazed at what 3 weeks of consistent body-weight training can do.

I have been using the online service called, and relying on Baptiste yoga for my at home workouts. If you are new to yoga, you might want to try a studio atmosphere. If that’s impossible, you can search for Yoga with Adriene on Youtube, and search her channel for beginner yoga. You can also search for beginner yoga classes.

Other things I do to support my health that partner well with yoga: cut out sugar and be faithful with taking my Plexus Triplex.

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