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The World Is Reborn

Children are a second chance for this world.

They are not a chance for us to live life again. Our dreams. Our wants. Our passions. Those are our own, and their wants, dreams, and passions are their own. Though a part of us is carried inside of them and will be passed on, keeping us alive, not only in an eternal place we cannot see but in this world as well.

But we grow old and tired, and the sadness of this life fills our souls and we forget the things we knew as children.

That love is stronger. That kindness wins. That rainbows are beautiful. That the sun is a miracle. That everything is interesting. That everybody is important.

As Chesterton says, “We have sinned and have grown old, but our Father is younger than we are.”

He wants us to know this, and so—

He keeps sending messengers from heaven. The little cute ones with big eyes full of wonder.

And each time a baby is born, the world is reborn.



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