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An Afternoon With Anneka—Meandering Thoughts on Motherhood

Anneka's lullabye music is playing and it's like I can hear her sleeping. She loves her music playlist, and when it turns off she usually wakes up, unless she's in a very deep sleep. My thoughts meander—pleasant, happy thoughts. Ones that meditate on how thankful I am to have a job with my husband, how [...]

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Can you Spoil a Baby with Closeness?

My baby girl's head is close enough to kiss and I can feel her heartbeat against mine. Her head peacefully rests just under my collar bone and I never want to stop holding her this way. For the first time since she's been born, I'm working at my desk and I'm at peace at the [...]

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10 Ways the Lille Baby is Better than the Ergo Baby

Dear Lisbeth Lehan, Thank you for making the Lille Baby. I have an affectionate, sensitive 3 month old who's had tummy trouble of one sort or another for most of her young life, but much of that changed when I got the Lille Baby. Anneka barely could stay asleep for longer than an hour or [...]