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An Afternoon With Anneka—Meandering Thoughts on Motherhood

Anneka's lullabye music is playing and it's like I can hear her sleeping. She loves her music playlist, and when it turns off she usually wakes up, unless she's in a very deep sleep. My thoughts meander—pleasant, happy thoughts. Ones that meditate on how thankful I am to have a job with my husband, how [...]

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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything— Favorite Yoga Quotes By Dave Farmar

Yoga was absolutely amazing today. I realized my focus for the first half of 2017 should be Baptiste Yoga under Dave Farmar’s instruction. One thing I love about Dave Farmar is that he’s so good at getting you to think through your postures. He knows why he does yoga and it’s for all the right [...]

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Enjoy This Rest—What I Learned From Yoga Today

Enjoy this rest,” my yoga teacher encouraged, “just like you enjoyed the experience before.” Today I brought my mind and body back to the basics. I let myself enjoy simple, basic yoga poses with no judgment. No critique. There is a way of “dancing” in a yoga pose even when completely still. It’s a posture [...]

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5 Random Things to be Content About: Because Perfection doesn't Exist this Side of Heaven

These things may seem random and petty in the light of greater problems. But if people, time and purses don't encompass all of life, what does? 1. The career that allows you self expression but isn't your ideal perfect dream career. Because if you're hustling to follow your dreams on the side, and can follow some of those [...]