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How Reviving My Childhood Dream of Writing Made Me A Better Business Owner

This post first appeared on I was too young. Nobody cares about your ideas or words when you’re ten. Or seventeen. A person I trusted told me to wait until I was at least thirty to expect people to. I believed them. I wrote, but hid my words. Writing would be a distraction. I [...]

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An Afternoon With Anneka—Meandering Thoughts on Motherhood

Anneka's lullabye music is playing and it's like I can hear her sleeping. She loves her music playlist, and when it turns off she usually wakes up, unless she's in a very deep sleep. My thoughts meander—pleasant, happy thoughts. Ones that meditate on how thankful I am to have a job with my husband, how [...]

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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything— Favorite Yoga Quotes By Dave Farmar

Yoga was absolutely amazing today. I realized my focus for the first half of 2017 should be Baptiste Yoga under Dave Farmar’s instruction. One thing I love about Dave Farmar is that he’s so good at getting you to think through your postures. He knows why he does yoga and it’s for all the right [...]

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Enjoy This Rest—What I Learned From Yoga Today

Enjoy this rest,” my yoga teacher encouraged, “just like you enjoyed the experience before.” Today I brought my mind and body back to the basics. I let myself enjoy simple, basic yoga poses with no judgment. No critique. There is a way of “dancing” in a yoga pose even when completely still. It’s a posture [...]