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5 Favorite Excerpts from 5 Favorite Books

"But she had the German penchant for telling people off, and she died alone at 81, having scolded away all her friends." Because I am of Austrian/German heritage, I never forgot these words I read in William Zinsser's book, On Writing Well. “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness [...]

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Today I Stopped Saying "Would Have, Could Have, Should Have"

Someone I was planning on connecting with to do a small contract job for Wanna Pixel messaged me that they got a government job and they were being flown somewhere by said government. My first instinct was to get a knot in my stomach. A knot of regret. I started messaging my business partner, Nate, to [...]


Then we will have nothing to fight for

While considering shopping for a 7/8ths violin at my local shop, Hershey violin, I found these inspiring pieces of art: All paintings by Deborah Hershey, copyright Deborah Hershey and can be purchased here. http://www.hersheyviolins.net/wp/gallery/about-the-artist/ And my favorite: Check out my new musical channel! Like, share and subscribe and I'll be indebted to you forever. http://www.youtube.com/user/virtuallymarisa