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Found A Better Way

I always said if I found something that replaced any of the products in the Plexus Triplex I've been taking more most of the last three years, I would be the first to tell about it. I tried numerous replacement products for Plexus Probio5 and Trim, and never found them to be even half as good [...]

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Why I am Not Afraid To Tell People About Plexus

For two years, I was afraid to tell people about what Plexus did for me. I was afraid to be "that direct selling lady" who bothered other people and used every social media and #irl contact to try to grow her business (note: I know many people who are direct sellers who do not do [...]

why i will probably never stop taking plexus
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From Hypoglycemic to Healthy and Happy: Why I Will Probably Use Plexus For the Rest of My Life

Blood sugar spiking and crashing, taking hours to recover. (In these recovery hours I would lay on the couch and beg anyone near me, including the dog, for healthy carbs and protein. I would feel nauseated and dizzy). Incredible fatigue. Dramatic plummets in how I felt.. A vague feeling of "wrongness" or "being anxious." Lack [...]

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Why Hot Yoga – how Bikram Yoga is Changing my Life

I will never forget the sixth day of my 30 day Bikram yoga challenge. I felt a release in my back. A pain that I did not even know it was possible to exist without evaporated. I've had neck pain for a decade, and I am a little young for that. The emotional release that [...]

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Yoga, Kombucha and Paying off School Loans

Dear faithful readers, I've been doing a lot of soul searching about my blog this turn of the year. 2014 is an important and exciting year to me for many reasons and I've had to answer some important questions, some of them regarding this blog. I at one point considered whether or not I could [...]