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Quinoa with celery and french cut green beans

I threw the green beans in right at the end because I didn’t want them cooked limp. The rest is just quinoa, celery, chicken broth from the grocery store and some water and chicken base.
Easy. And nice and lightly cooked, not too mushy.

So easy to throw together when I’m working here at home.

Quinoa with green beans 1

Quinoa with Green Beans 4

Quinoa with Green Beans 3

2 thoughts on “Quinoa with celery and french cut green beans”

  1. I read it thinking, Yum! Apparently, I’m not the first one! I’ve been asked to share my own recipes/concoctions but I rarely follow a written recipe… I love how you presented this dish… simple, with some pictures… This is easy and it sounds so yummy. I’ll be trying it and I hope to be posting pictures of my own creations without needing to write down those aggravating measurements… Lol.

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