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Found A Better Way

I always said if I found something that replaced any of the products in the Plexus Triplex I’ve been taking more most of the last three years, I would be the first to tell about it. I tried numerous replacement products for Plexus Probio5 and Trim, and never found them to be even half as good in experience. I wrote a few posts about Plexus, because I was being genuinely honest that I hadn’t found something better or equally good but less expensive. I was also very flattered when they asked if I would review the new Trim! This new Trim came about a month before my first taste of Valentus Slimroast. I tried it for almost a month and wrote an honest review here.

I never found anything better or cheaper than (but still just as good as) Plexus.

Well, that has changed. It’s only been about five weeks, but I’ve waited about as long as I can to share my new discovery with the world.

From the first day I tried it, I was impressed. I usually get nauseated when I skip even one day of Plexus Slim. Literally nauseated from blood sugar swinging around issues. I know I’m not supposed to declare this because of FDA regulations or something, but what can I say? It’s simply my own experience. But that first day I substituted Plexus Slim for the new drink, I felt fine. Even great. Nate, my Plexus police, noticed. (By Plexus police, I mean he says, “Honey, have you skipped your Plexus today. You’re grumpy. Please take it.”)

It worked. In the same ways.

But it worked better.

I could hardly believe what I was experiencing. Over the next few weeks, Nate commented that I wasn’t getting carsick every time we went out and that I seemed just as happy and energetic on Slimroast as on Plexus. (I also asked for Nate’s help in picking out my beautiful violin. He’s my sounding board).

I also could hardly believe the impressive ingredient list. Very few Garcinia Cambogia products bother to include chromium, something I know, both from research and from experience, is extremely important to individuals balancing their blood sugar.

My new weight loss drink checked that box. And they had 250 mcg, 50 more than Plexus Slim (the new formula)!

Now only that, but it had tons of beneficial ingredients that Plexus Slim did not have (I realize Plexus Slim has a few that Valentus Trim does not, such as prebiotics).

Rather than discuss every single one here, I’ll just let you read about Valentus Italian Slimroast yourself.

So how do the ingredients compare with Plexus Slim?

Valentus Slimroast:

Chromium (250mcg) and a prorietary blend (3,410 mg) of
non-GMO dark roast coffee, green coffee bean extract, cassiolamine extract, garcinia cambogia extract, phaseolamine extract, green tea extract, l-carnitine fumarate,  natural caffeine, cissus quadrangularis extract, ginseng extract

Plexus Trim:

Chromium, 200mcg, Xylooligosaccharide (a prebiotic, which feeds the probiotic), Plexus Slim Blend (531mg) of green coffee, (containing 50% chlorogenic acid), Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract, alpha lipoic acid, mulberry fruit extract 

Now the first thing after the chromium that jumps out at me is that the proprietary blend of Valentus Slimroast is 6.42 as much as the blend in Plexus’ weight loss drink, or 542% more (or would you say 642% more?).  Now I know we don’t know the exact amounts of the ingredients inside the blend, but we do know that both list a blend of coffee as the first 1 or 2 ingredients, and that no matter how you divide them up, 3410 is a whole lot more than 531. Also, both list Garcinia Cambogia as the fourth ingredient and Chromium as the first. And Valentus has more chromium.

It seems plausible to me that the heightened benefits I’m experiencing from Valentus Slimroast are twofold.

  • There’s more of all the good stuff like Garcinia Cambogia and Chromium
  • There are many mood-boosting, weight-loss, alkalizing ingredients that Plexus simply doesn’t have.

Let’s say a word about alkalizing. I need a whole other blog post for this, but since taking Valentus Trim, my hair is much healthier, my skin is much healthier, and it seems I am absorbing the vitamins I take (like my B vitamin supplement that I like), much more efficiently. That’s what alkalizing does. It’s possibly a very key missing effect in Plexus. I’m not saying I know that it’s missing, I’m just saying I’ve experienced much more of an alkalizing effect with Valentus. I can’t wait to try their Immune, as it has an impressive army of ingredients as well.

I was also pleasantly surprised that you don’t need to sign up to be a business owner to get the lowest prices. I just really loved that, and love telling other people about it, too.

My husband Nate has been having his own great results drinking just one glass of Valentus Trim a day. He’s lost five pounds, and has cut out the Red Bull and candy dahses he used to make every afternoon so he could stay awake and think.  He claims Valentus Trim gives him clarity and energy. (He was one that personally never liked Plexus Slim like I did. His own words were that it “didn’t do a thing for me.” I always thought he was being nice because of the cost).

The picture in the blue shirt: after five weeks of Valentus Slimroast. I looked really hard for a before picture from only three weeks ago. But I didn’t relish people taking pictures of me and so I could only find this one from a couple of months back from Nate’s McDonald’s delivery video.



After about 4 weeks of Valentus Slimroast and some Valentus Trim:

valentus slimroast compared to plexus slim

Q. Have you been working out?

A. Not trying to more than usual. Though Valentus makes me feel like moving, which is what a good diet should do. I must be getting energy for those 2:40 planks from somewhere, not to mention wanting to throw kettlebells around and do chair squats. However, I usually worked out much longer. This is more short and intense.


Q. Weren’t you on Plexus Trim?

A. I was on Plexus Trim for three years, and it was a necessary and good product for me, based on my digestion and blood sugar issues at the time. It did much for me. However, I find I have much more energy, less cravings, and lose weight (weight loss is something I never even claimed Plexus Trim did for me), on Valentus Slimroast Coffee than I ever did on Plexus Trim. Add Valentus Trim and the results are very satisfactory, even amazing. My husband is experiencing them, too.


Q. Are you taking anything else?

A. Yes. I am still taking a magnesium supplement, a probiotic supplement with enzymes, and a B vitamin supplement. The only change I made was switching out Plexus Slim for Valentus Slimroast. The last two weeks, I started taking the Valentus Trim as well, because it just fuels me so much, I have it, and I can.

Q. How does it taste

A. The Valentus Slimroast Italian tastes like strong-bodied coffee, but a bit on like instant side. I crave it so much. It’s delicious. I put 1-2 packets of stevia in it. I love it black with no cream. The Valentus Trim tastes like pineapples, with a delightfully sweet and slightly bitter taste.

Q. Are you a Valentus ambassador or business owner or anything?

A. Now I am! My first order was as a customer, after trying the samples my cousin sent me and loving them. I told others so enthusiastically about the products that it was cheap and easy to set up my own shopping link, since it made no difference to them where they purchased Valentus, and they seemed eager to order at a place that benefited me. Because Valentus does not give resellers a discount, and customers get the same low bulk price when you order bulk, I view it more as an affiliate link. I love that structure and can put my whole heart behind it!

Q. What is the best way to order?

A. You are free to order one box at a time, however, I encourage you to order at least three because of the steep discount. Valentus discounts for bulk, not for “signing up.” I love that. It operates much more like an affiliate link than a direct seller shopping site. My first order was for six boxes of Valentus Slimroast plus Trim (three of each), and it meant that I practically got three boxes free!

To order your own Valentus Slimroast, Valentus Trim, or Valentus Product Pack, or to learn more about the amazing products, visit this site. Click products to learn more and order to order.

Message me if you have any questions. I love to talk hair health and blood sugar health.

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