How to Make Homemade Babyfood – Mango Pear Puree.

July 10, 2016

My baby loves squeeze pouches. She is still struggling with chewing and swallowing chunkier foods, having only two teeth, the little munchkin! She is getting much better lately but still loves to hold the pouches and quickly swallow healthy, yummy foods. I especially love the idea of mixing fruits with veggies to get those little …

My 10 Favorite Products for Mom and Baby

April 21, 2016

Lille Baby Carrier In my baby’s first months, she had a lot of tummy trouble, which is agonizing, as any Mom will tell you. I learned she needed to sleep upright due to her problem with acid reflux, and being held closed helped her digestion as it calmed any separation anxiety she may have felt. …

Meet the Porterkins!

December 29, 2015

This is a project I’m very fond of. Porters in Denver. Us. Talking to you. Connecting with you. Inviting you into our home virtually or (if we like you) in reality. (Come on, Annouchka and Captain!) Come on and visit us in snowy, sunny, mountainous Denver. And this is my favorite vlog so far, but …

10 Ways the Lille Baby is Better than the Ergo Baby

November 15, 2015

Dear Lisbeth Lehan, Thank you for making the Lille Baby. I have an affectionate, sensitive 3 month old who’s had tummy trouble of one sort or another for most of her young life, but much of that changed when I got the Lille Baby. Anneka barely could stay asleep for longer than an hour or …

10 of my Favorite Prenatal Yoga Poses

August 1, 2015
prenatal yoga warrior II

I’ve loved yoga since the day I discovered it. I love the way I feel when do it, and especially the way I feel afterwards. A good yoga practice makes me feel open, spacious, bouncy, flexible, strong, pain-free (or at least in much less pain), and calm. And at no time has yoga more been …

Revlon Nearly Naked versus Revlon CC Cream

June 23, 2015

My readers know my fondness for Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. It works for both oily and dry skin, leaving a matte but glowy finish. It has amazing coverage that quickly builds to full coverage; depending on your skin you might not need concealer. I wore Shell last year when I reviewed it, so I grabbed …