The Power Of Indie Platforms

power of indie platforms

"I don't think you're dark enough for young adult. If you're going to submit this book to this agent, I would make it a middle-grade novel." I considered this an immense compliment. Kate Hannigan and I were chatting about what sells in young adult fiction today. Angst, darkness, often it's overly-sexualized themes. Yeah, I wouldn't fit [...]


An Afternoon With Anneka—Meandering Thoughts on Motherhood

joy of motherhood

Anneka's lullabye music is playing and it's like I can hear her sleeping. She loves her music playlist, and when it turns off she usually wakes up, unless she's in a very deep sleep. My thoughts meander—pleasant, happy thoughts. Ones that meditate on how thankful I am to have a job with my husband, how [...]

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The Shaytards Internet Scandal and My Reaction

We've loved watching the Youtube Channel, The Shaytards. Anyone who's watched this show can see this is a family tied together by love. They've gone through tough times before in different ways. Have Shay's actions hurt his family? If what is being said is true, they definitely have. I feel grief for Katilette (Colette) and [...]

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5 Favorite Excerpts from 5 Favorite Books

5 favorite books beuchner, lewis

"But she had the German penchant for telling people off, and she died alone at 81, having scolded away all her friends." Because I am of Austrian/German heritage, I never forgot these words I read in William Zinsser's book, On Writing Well. “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness [...]