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The Shaytards Internet Scandal and My Reaction

We’ve loved watching the Youtube Channel, The Shaytards. Anyone who’s watched this show can see this is a family tied together by love. They’ve gone through tough times before in different ways. Have Shay’s actions hurt his family? If what is being said is true, they definitely have. I feel grief for Katilette (Colette) and the kids and they deserve our love and support. This isn’t the first time Shay has talked about his struggles though—Shay has come out a few times in the past about his battles with alcoholism, and the latest is creating some ripples in his fans and critics alike. Nothing you’ve done is enough to separate you from God’s love. Shay and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

This is my reaction.

Grace invites you home again.

And love picks you up.

Grace says it’s not finished yet.

Love washes the dirt from your face.

Love says it will be ok.


Even if the path you’ve taken

Has taken you far from God.

Grace invites you home again.

And love helps you to your feet.

Grace says, “Jesus paid it all.”

Love says, “All to Him I owe.”

The world says you let everyone down.

The world says you’ve gone too far this time.

The world picks you up to throw you down again.

The world hovers around your pain,

Curious, delighted, aghast.

But Grace invites you home.

Love helps you to your feet again.

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