How to Make Homemade Babyfood – Mango Pear Puree.

My baby loves squeeze pouches. She is still struggling with chewing and swallowing chunkier foods, having only two teeth, the little munchkin! She is getting much better lately but still loves to hold the pouches and quickly swallow healthy, yummy foods. I especially love the idea of mixing fruits with veggies to get those little taste buds to appreciate veggies, if in disguise.

Pear and mango is one of Anneka’s favorite combinations.

Start with fresh mangos and pears. Peel and core. Don’t cook the fruit. Leave it raw.


Blend two pears and two mangos in the blender, or whatever ratio you prefer. Also add lime or lemon juice, or ascorbic acid to preserve freshness.


Clip in the bags and fill them up! I used the awesome Infantino squeeze station. (Yup, that’s my husband’s hairy arm, not mine).


Label and cap your pouches. Freeze. Take out to thaw in the fridge hours before feeding, or use a bit of warm water to get it to the right temperature.


Feed your baby one of the fresh pouches! My little angel loved it!!


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