Glisten Away with Sonia Kashuk bronzer blush duo and Cream Blush Undetectable

sonia kashuk undetectable bronzer cream sonia kashuk undetectable bronzer cream and glisten bronzer blush duo  sonia kashuk undetectable bronzer cream  sonia kashuk bronzer blush duo in Glisten

I ordered these online with my Target debit card – 5% off and FREE shipping no matter how small your purchase is.

(Nate and I get a lot of stuff online. We get so many packages Nate thinks the UPS man has a crush on me. He’s scared of Holly, but he honks and waves from his car. Nate says he will have to stay home to keep an eye on me. I said with Holly he need not worry about me – she throws herself against the door barking every time she sees him.)

All that aside, I was pretty happy when my Target box arrived in the mail. This is Sonia Kashuk stuff, so I thought I would be happy. But I didn’t know I would be this happy.

To start with, the Glisten blush in the duo is just the most perfect color I’ve ever tried. Up until the day I got this, I’ve been wearing a Tarte Cheek Stain either in Tipsy (a coral) or Loving (a mauvey-tannish color). They’re perfect for some looks, but if I’m not careful they can look a little sad or something. But Glisten is my perfect blush. It’s happy. It’s cheerful It’s glowy. It’s the perfect pink with just a touch of warmth. And with a sweep of my kabuki brush I can add a touch of bronzer and I just look glowing all day long.

I wear the cream bronzer only when I’m wearing a different blush. It is also really fun to wear and easy to apply with a dense brush. I use my contour brush or my stippling brush from Real Techniques.

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