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From Hypoglycemic to Healthy and Happy: Why I Will Probably Use Plexus For the Rest of My Life

why i will probably never stop taking plexus

Blood sugar spiking and crashing, taking hours to recover. (In these recovery hours I would lay on the couch and beg anyone near me, including the dog, for healthy carbs and protein. I would feel nauseated and dizzy).

Incredible fatigue.

Dramatic plummets in how I felt..

A vague feeling of “wrongness” or “being anxious.”

Lack of stamina.

Chronically itching that keps me awake for hours at night.

Acid reflux.

Feeling horrible after eating protein (which really conflicted with my need to eat protein for my blood sugar issues).

These are the symptoms I gradually became accustomed to dealing with over time. I found yoga, the best form of exercise in my humble opinion, and diet changes to help. The time in my life when I was the most victorious over my symptoms was when I did hot yoga for 90 minutes at a time 3-4 times a week. I thought I would do this forever. I was in love with hot yoga and blogged about it a few times and talked about it passionately and frequently.

I still love hot yoga. I still love almost any type of yoga.

But my passion for and commitment to 90 minutes of hot yoga 3-4 times a week has changed. This time commitment was not always possible. When I had a baby it was almost impossible. When I was pregnant, I was advised by a Doctor that I should not do hot yoga (which greatly disturbed me, and I’m still not sure it was necessary. I thrived and was healthy on hot yoga—but I did follow an at home yoga for pregnancy which kept me very healthy and strong). I had ethical reasons for not wanting to support the particular brand of yoga I had been supporting. We moved and I couldn’t get to a studio anymore. It took 3 hours to heat up my own hot space at home. It just became realy problematic to continue hot yoga.

But I was miserable with digestion problems, acid reflux, low blood sugar, itchy skin, etc.

A friend of mine sent me a sample of Plexus Slim for answering a question on a facebook quiz. It was something I never would have tried on my own. I had zero belief in the product and thought it was outrageously priced. I hated direct selling type companies at the time, since I had a number of bad experiences with them. But since it was free, hey, why not?

I couldn’t really believe the results I had just from the Plexus Slim in those 7 days. My itchiness went away, allowing me to sleep better. I could go for more than half an hour in the morning without having to eat and I felt great. My head felt more clear and I wasn’t so grouchy whenever I got one of my frequent blood sugar lows.

Over the next few months, I would get little samples of Plexus Slim and some of their other products. I had been searching for a good probiotic for months, and had tried all kinds, but soon noticed the price escalated quickly for those which had multiple strains. Also when I tried the Probio5 from Plexus, I noticed the inflammation in my muscles was greatly reduced. After months of trying ProBio5, I noticed that not only did Probio5 have many strains of probiotics (necessary to restore the multiple strains of good bacteria we’ve all lost by taking frequent antibiotics and to fight the multiple strains of bad bacteria we come in contact with), but it also had a powerful enzyme complex which helped my acid reflux. On top of that, it had grapeseed extract, which helped kill bad bacteria, which grows out of control in environments of acidity, sugar consumption, and in the wake of antibiotics.

I am a frugal person and a researcher, so I tried to create my own system that had the same ingredients as Plexus. I bought garcinia cambogia capsules from Vitacost and probiotics from Jarrow. By the time I started adding on grapeseed extract, enzymes, and a cleansing system, I got very discouraged by the high cost. Also I was experiencing little benefit. My muscles were inflammed again. I had acid reflux, and I had blood sugar swings.

Only as a customer, I signed up.

Over the next year, all the symptoms I struggled with began to clear up. My digestion felt normal, and instead of a burning in my esphogogus every time I ate a forbidden food (which was most things), my body began to handle the occasional (sometimes frequent) transgressions. I could eat dairy. And some sugar.

The blood sugar swings almost completely went away. I felt like a super human (but I was just feeling human again).

The itching went away (I believe this was most likely yeast, as I had had 3 yeast infections in two years).

The inflammation in my muscles went away (probably caused by an excess of lactic acid, which the enzymes in ProBio5 took care of).

Wonder of wonders, I could go a few days without hot yoga and not feel terrible. I still valued yoga, and believe everybody could benefit from it. I’m not looking for a miracle cure in a capsule or drink, but I now had more than one weapon to fight against candida and hypoclygemia, so when one was off duty I could depend on the other. Plexus kept me completely healthy for two years. During my pregnancy, I did not get a simple yeast infection or cold. This is amazing, because pregnancy amps up the chance of getting yeast infections. But mine went away.

Many times concerned people have told me I’m paying too much. That I could take something else. But nobody’s been able to give me a list, and nobody tried as hard as I did (so far). I have to be honest, since I like to save money, I would be the first person to switch to a new supplement or group of supplements if I found something comparative from another brand.

But I haven’t.

My husband is the biggest supporter of my purchase of the three products I purchase each month. He says, “You are a completely different person and much easier to get along with.” (Hey, blood sugar swings make you crazy. Nobody wants to deal with them, including the people in your life.).

Recently I started taking X factor along with the other 3 products, as I’ve seen before and after pictures from my own friends regarding hair loss and hair regrowth. It’s the most convincing thing I’ve ever seen, so I’m giving it a try. My stylist asked me what I was on and why my hair was thicker than a year ago. Interestingly, I didn’t really notice this. I think this is because I was used to the amazing effects of minoxidil (Rogaine). Amazing yes, but so problematic. I had to stop taking it because of the awful side effects, one of which was high anxiety, something I’m trying to heal with yoga, prayer and supplements. I certainly didn’t need another factor in my life causing anxiety!

But my stylist did notice the change. So I’m going to stick with it for awhile. I actually noticed hair growth just from taking the Triplex from Plexus (the 3 products I’ve mentioned). But during the last two years, I also went through pregnancy, which stops hair shed, so I need more time to see what will happen with my hair.

I did experience a shed after the birth of my beautiful baby girl, but then it’s partially grown back since them. I even wrote an article attributing it to Mega X. I’m not sure that’s what it was, though, because the growth leveled off and then seemed to get better after switching to X factor. It’s super complicated because there have been many variables, which is why I have no findings or opinions to report at the moment.

But…X factor. Oh X factor. It picked up where Triplex left off (which is balancing your hormones and blood sugar), to really give me a feeling of well being and boost feel good hormones. These hormones are naturally produced in your body when your B vitamins are in balance. And since X factor is the most balanced B vitamin supplement, it makes sense that I would feel much better on it. X factor is not a solve all or a drug, but so far, because of it, I have not had to entertain going on medicatino for post-partum depression. (I struggled quite a bit with post partum depression, but X factor was what propelled me through to feeling even better than I did before pregnancy. I will absolutely never go off of X factor unless there are some major changes in my body chemistry, circumstances, finances, or its availability, or I don’t feel it’s helping me anymore).

This post is difficult to write. It’s so much information, but I want to focus on my experience and not get into the science of each ingredient, because it would be 12 pages. I’d like to dedicate other blog posts on that. I’ve done a lot of research on almost each individual ingredient of Plexus.

Plus, I’m living proof.

Learn more.


Also noteworthy, I’ve found a yoga class I can do at home which really connects with me. Read about it here and here.


2 thoughts on “From Hypoglycemic to Healthy and Happy: Why I Will Probably Use Plexus For the Rest of My Life”

  1. I love this, Marisa! It’s inspiring and encouraging! Plexus has also done miracles for me and my family and I am forever grateful. I’m so happy to see it is doing the same for you.

    1. I ran out of Plexus Slim this week because I gave a bunch to a friend. I have been not myself at all. Now I’m better than I was before the whole thing, but it took me days to figure out ways to compensate and I can’t eat a milligram of sugar. I don’t really know the healthy way to balance carbs with hypoglycemia. That was something I never figured out. Of course if I worked out properly ever single day it would help, but sometimes when you’re a Mom, you don’t. The nausea and dizziness I used to experience are back. Slim should be here in two days. My husband and I are both looking forward to it!

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