Fashion Departure – What I would dress like if I could: Desigual

One word: Desigual.

I can no way afford desigual. (Except for some pieces on ebay!).

Here are some of my favorites (not on ebay 🙁  ).

DESIGUAL Cheetah Skirt


DESIGUAL Geinchi Dress

DESIGUAL Geinchi Dress

DESIGUAL Motorhead Denim Pant

motorhead denim pant



DESIGUAL Recuperar T-Shirt

DESIGUAL Recuperar T-Shirt

I like a lot.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Departure – What I would dress like if I could: Desigual”

  1. Yeow…that brand is quite funky! I went to the store once and all I heard was portuguese speaking customers. The prices are kind of out there for mordern tribal 70’s funkiness, but if you dig it then it’s an investment piece.

  2. I have a membership to ideeli.com where they have random sale days on certain brands and desigual pops up now and then. Makes it better but still can’t afford yet. Next year will be different (maybe) and then maybe I’ll get some! 🙂

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