Derielle School of Cosmetology Mani and Pedi

Love manis and pedis but find the price intimidating? Want to support a student and their education? Check out a a local cosmetology school and give an enthusiastic student a chance to use their new skills. I had a great experience at Derielle School of Cosmetology, and you may find the service better than if you go to someone who’s been at it for years who might be burnt out.

I was just pampered for two hours by Derielle School of Cosmetology here in Mechanicsburg. The student who did my nails was Ashley.

My nail color is O.P.I. tropical punch and my toenails are glowing with Zoya Goldie.

I keep my nails really short – so I didn’t have long nails to work with, in case you were wondering if she cut my nails that short. And I scrunched my toenail on my right foot on the way out – wear sandals!

You can check out their menu here:


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