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Comparison of Plexus Slim Ingredients and Slim Stix

Plexus Slim ingredients:

  • Chromium: 200 mcg
  • Slim blend (coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia fruit extract, alpha lipoic acid): 530 mg
  • polydextrose
  • citric acid
  • beet extract
  • stevia leaf
  • luo-han-guo fruit extract
  • guar gum
  • silicon dioxide

Omnihealth Slim Stix ingredients:

  • Proprietary Blend (Garcinia cambogia fruit extract containing 60% hydroxycitric acid, green coffee bean extract containing 45% chlorogenic acid, alpha lipoic acid): 700 mg
  • polydextrose
  • citric acid
  • natural flavors
  • surcralose
  • beet extract
  • silicon dioxide
  • guar gum
  • beta carotene

A few things stand out. The sweetener in Plexus Sim, Stevia Leaf, is far superior to Sucralose in my opinion because it is a nutritive ingredient from nature that, even though it tastes sweet, does not have an effective on glycemic load. It’s a winner for hypoglycemics, diabetes, and those wishing to watch blood sugar. Sucralose (aka Splenda) also has no glycemic load. In fact, it’s effect on blood sugar is even lower than that of stevia, because it is non-nutritive, meaning the body does not recognize it as food and it passes through the digestive system.

However, herein lies the concern. How much should we put into our bodies that isn’t recognized as food by our digestive system?

Is sucralose a toxin? Nobody knows for sure. Though medical studies do not suggest that it is. Many believe it causes cancer, though there are no studies to support this, except for a study that linked health problems in rats to sucralose. (And it was a very long list of side effects).

What we do know about sucralose is that it was originally invented while two scientists were trying to make a pesticide. Though sucralose is modified sugar, causing the molecule to be non-caloric but maintaining the sweet taste, that molecule structure contains chlorine atoms instead of hydroxyl groups of atoms. I encourage you to do your own research and compare government-funded studies with smaller, private research and common sense. Avoid hysteria and false claims, but definitely consider all the angles before letting someone else make a decision for you.

For me, I would be afraid to drink sucralose-containing drinks on a daily basis. If I drank more than a little, I felt the opposite of energized. Mild headaches and muscle aches caused me to avoid sucralose starting 4 or 5 years ago.

Now on to the other differences. Plexus is also sweetened with luo-han-guo fruit extract, which is actually an herbal medicine, not just a sweetener. In Eastern cultures, it’s considered a “longevity fruit.” Omnihealth omits this ingredient.

It is 300 times sweeter than sugar, and is a potential tumor inhibitor.

Another prime ingredient in Plexus is chromium. It is proven to balance blood sugar. WebMD says it “moves blood sugar from the bloodstream into cells.” Chromium works right along with Garcinia Cambogia to manage blood sugar, as the latter boosts fat-burning and cuts back appetite.

I do not see any other notable differences. Except the price.

Plexus Slim retails for $84.95 ($79.99 preferred) at the time of this post.

Omnihealth Slim Stix is only $67.92 on Amazon. On Walmart, where it is out of stock, it retails for an amazing $13! (I got mine for $17.99 by a fluke on Amazon. Glad I did, too, because it was for research).

Not a huge difference on Amazon (though I see the prices going up rapidly. Supply and demand for you!) Definitely a concern for a budget-minded person, but not enormous (like it would be if it were always available for $13 at Wal-mart).

This might have made a difference for me before I began to find diet and exercise solutions to my hypoglycemia. As I struggled to manage this tricky condition, I soon discovered something. Any product containing stevia was quite a bit more expensive than products containing sucralose instead. Long before Plexus, I paid the high price for Stevia. I chose to forego the headaches, constant worry about my health, and muscle aches that I experienced with larger amounts of Splenda or sucralose consumption to make the choice that favored my health over my pocket change.

I hope this helps you make the decision that’s right for you.

Update: I tasted one of these. Personally, I couldn’t stand the taste. I should have known, since Sucralose has a strong chemically taste in my opinion. I think I’ve had too many bad experiences with it.

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