is valentus slimroast better than plexus trim
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Comparison of Plexus Slim to Valentus Slimroast

I always said if I found something that replaced any of the products in the Plexus Triplex I've been taking more most of the last three years, I would be the first to tell about it. I tried numerous replacement products for Plexus Probio5 and Trim, and never found them to be even half as good [...]

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Why I am Not Afraid To Tell People About Plexus

For two years, I was afraid to tell people about what Plexus did for me. I was afraid to be "that direct selling lady" who bothered other people and used every social media and #irl contact to try to grow her business (note: I know many people who are direct sellers who do not do [...]

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Comparison of Plexus Slim Ingredients and Slim Stix

Plexus Slim ingredients: Chromium: 200 mcg Slim blend (coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia fruit extract, alpha lipoic acid): 530 mg polydextrose citric acid beet extract stevia leaf luo-han-guo fruit extract guar gum silicon dioxide Omnihealth Slim Stix ingredients: Proprietary Blend (Garcinia cambogia fruit extract containing 60% hydroxycitric acid, green coffee bean extract containing 45% chlorogenic [...]

why i will probably never stop taking plexus
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From Hypoglycemic to Healthy and Happy: Why I Will Probably Use Plexus For the Rest of My Life

Blood sugar spiking and crashing, taking hours to recover. (In these recovery hours I would lay on the couch and beg anyone near me, including the dog, for healthy carbs and protein. I would feel nauseated and dizzy). Incredible fatigue. Dramatic plummets in how I felt.. A vague feeling of "wrongness" or "being anxious." Lack [...]

yoga camel pose
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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything— Favorite Yoga Quotes By Dave Farmar

Yoga was absolutely amazing today. I realized my focus for the first half of 2017 should be Baptiste Yoga under Dave Farmar’s instruction. One thing I love about Dave Farmar is that he’s so good at getting you to think through your postures. He knows why he does yoga and it’s for all the right [...]

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Enjoy This Rest—What I Learned From Yoga Today

Enjoy this rest,” my yoga teacher encouraged, “just like you enjoyed the experience before.” Today I brought my mind and body back to the basics. I let myself enjoy simple, basic yoga poses with no judgment. No critique. There is a way of “dancing” in a yoga pose even when completely still. It’s a posture [...]

prenatal yoga warrior II
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10 of my Favorite Prenatal Yoga Poses

I've loved yoga since the day I discovered it. I love the way I feel when do it, and especially the way I feel afterwards. A good yoga practice makes me feel open, spacious, bouncy, flexible, strong, pain-free (or at least in much less pain), and calm. And at no time has yoga more been [...]