Breakfast at Cracker Barrel


Nate likes to eat here so he can buy candy afterwards, and because of the atmosphere. We used to play with the little peg game:

peg game

Now we usually talk and play with our games on our identical Lumia 920 phones:

nate's gaming phone

I drink hot tea.


He’s handsome.


Then we went to Ross’ to return a bunch of coats I was trying out for a party dress, and to Kohl’s with a 20% off coupon to buy Nate some winter clothes. But when we got home he was feeling a little under the weather. Here’s my baby, a very hot sick guy who posed for me in his new hoodie.


So then I ran to the store and bought a bunch of things that I lived on when I had a stomach infection in December.


Now I’m taking care of my man with chicken soup, Gatorade, ginger ale, applesauce and wheat thins. Hoping I can get him well by Monday, since he always refuses to stay home from work. He’s such a hard worker. Happy Weekend to all!

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