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Childhood’s Last Summer

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Marisa Grace Porter is the author of Childhood’s Last Summer, a short story.

Childhood’s Last Summer is available on Amazon. And it’s only 99 cents! Less than the price of a mediocre cup of coffee.

“Isla and Lucas meet at a school sport when they are nine, and over art, soccer in the back yard, and brownies in the old Iverson kitchen, they form a rare and beautiful friendship that grows through the years. Everything is about to change. A coming of age short story.”

Childhood’s Last Summer: A Short Story by Marisa Grace Porter via @virtuallymarisa #indieauthor #createspace #newreleases

Calisbury Christmas

Marisa is also the author of Calisbury Christmas. Look for this story of hope and compassion as soon as I can get it out the door. Illustrations are by Matt Birchler.

Christmas was dark. Each year it was dark. There were no secrets, no merriment, no gifts nor feasts, and worst of all, no lights. Calisbury remained dark and cold on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, too. And with no lights, nobody ever asked, “What do the lights mean?” and perhaps that was the saddest part of all.”