And then I felt relief

yoga for pain relief

This was one of my first reactions to consistent yoga. I had to share it. I wrote it years ago.

My pinkies are touching. They’re actually touching. A week ago I thought that was a joke. How could my pinkies touch lying on the floor on top of my own arms with my palms face down? They are like 8 inches apart.

Also it felt like someone was wringing out my arms like rags.

But today they touched.

It’s impossible to stand on a locked leg in all those crazy positions. On one locked knee? Impossible!

But it’s not.

Finally rolling into rabbit and understanding it for the first time, I felt a series of delicious small crackles in the right side of my neck. Almost like when the physical therapist adjusted it.

There used to be a shooting pain down my right arm. I felt it on the inside of my elbow. I felt it in my wrist. I felt it in between my first and second finger.

I haven’t thought about that pain in a week. Today I realized it was gone.

The very first time I went to bikram yoga I knew something was happening just from the pranayama breathing. I took in huge gulps of air with my nose and expelled it through my mouth, all the while leaning back to see the wall behind me and then looking straight forward again with the rhythm of my breath. After about 9 breaths, I felt my neck crack (pleasantly).

And then I felt relief.

4 thoughts on “And then I felt relief”

  1. Marisa, do you have a good resource for beginner’s yoga? I’ve done a little and it has helped tight muscles relax, and I would like to do more – sans weird Eastern ties (by which I mean I don’t think yoga is a problem, but I don’t want to bow to the sun). 🙂

    1. Hi Lyn! I’m so glad you asked. Yes, I have several great resources.
      You’ll be happy to know that most Western yoga classes are simply the best form of exercise you’ll ever find. Yoga is an exercise, not a religion. The word “yoga” in our culture should be replaced with the word, “asana,” which is the sanskrit word for moving to breath, while the word “yoga” connotates a wider involvement with the eight chakras of yoga, one of which is moving to breath (asana). I have been in so many different studios, online and physical, and have never once experienced anything I could call religious. It was all simply wonderfully therapeutic, like physical therapy, and wonderfully heart-strengthening.

      So, since everyone is comfortable with different things, I’ll introduce you to the ones I think are the most medical and exercise-centered.

      I’m going to post more later after I can look at them more closely, but I like yogadownload, yoga with kassandra, and yoga with adrien.

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