The Mascara Files: NYC BIG AND BOLD

I like the fun packaging.


Here’s a closeup before and after.

nyc big and bold mascara before and after

Overall picture. Ignore my crazy hair – I have no idea what I’m doing with it. It’s at a very awkward stage.

No mascara.

with no mascara

NYC Big and Bold:

with nyc big and bold

This massive brush and thick formula can have a tendency to get clumpy if you second-coat, which I did. I’ll know better next time. The first coat was prettier and if I manage to snap another picture, I’ll put it in here.

Does it volumize: Yes.

Does it curl? I would say yes.

Does it smudge and bleed? No in my experience. Here’s a picture of me with tears brimming out of my eyes and no smearing (just that one tiny little black flake). I didn’t ask someone to make me cry for the picture below. But the timing was good. So I asked Nate to snap a quick picture for the blog. He’s used to my weirdness.

mascara with that doesn't bleed when you cry


5 thoughts on “The Mascara Files: NYC BIG AND BOLD”

  1. Awww the crying eyes picture is sad :/ but it did test the mascara well. It’s so sad when two coats ruin the effect of the mascara, most of them just can’t handle it.

  2. Looks like an okay budget mascara, but nothing crazy impressive. Thanks for the review! And now wipe those tears from your eyes, girl, I hate seeing you cry like that!! 😉

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