All Stories Exist For A Reason

My latest favorite author is Cressida Cowell, author of the profound and enchanting "How To Train Your Dragon" series, on which the popular Dreamworks movies are based. Hiccup is an endearing hero. He uses his brains instead of his brawn. He is kind instead of merciless. He forgives instead of killing. He speaks intelligently instead [...]

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Comparison of Plexus Slim to Valentus Slimroast

is valentus slimroast better than plexus trim

I always said if I found something that replaced any of the products in the Plexus Triplex I've been taking more most of the last three years, I would be the first to tell about it. I tried numerous replacement products for Plexus Probio5 and Trim, and never found them to be even half as good [...]

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How I Got 200 Followers In One Day On Instagram

And 50 to 100 daily after that. I passed the 500 follower threshold one day on Instagram with great rejoicing, then dropped to 480. Twenty-four hours later, I hit 500 again and did a happy dance again. Then dropped to 496. I did it again. And again, and again. I passed 500 followers on Instagram [...]

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How Reviving My Childhood Dream of Writing Made Me A Better Business Owner


This post first appeared on I was too young. Nobody cares about your ideas or words when you’re ten. Or seventeen. A person I trusted told me to wait until I was at least thirty to expect people to. I believed them. I wrote, but hid my words. Writing would be a distraction. I [...]

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Childhood’s Last Summer—My First Short Story—Has Launched

My first short story launched on Amazon on Thursday. I was incredibly touched by the messages and reviews from friends, acquaintances, and strangers. It feels good when someone you barely know buys your story. You know they're not buying it because you're family. Here are some of the reviews and tweets.     If you want [...]